The Big Book of Ego
This is Unreal.

In the days when Unreal was just a twinkle in MD Tim Lewis' eye, we encountered our fair share of egocentric creative directors, art directors, account directors, and plain old directors. It was those encounters that forged Tim to set up something different.

So when it came to designing our own piece of promotional gold, we subverted those life experiences to inspire our own excessive 'Big Book Of Ego'.

This is real.



New business enquiries at Unreal went up a third in 3 months in the wake of the book being sent out.

A small forest the size of Monaco helped to create this oversized masterpiece.

The wild roaming mustang featured in the book went on to win the Gold Cup, Derby and Royal Asot. Now that's success.


2.3 tonnes of gold foil were use in the limited production run of this publication. Given today's volatile market, each book would probably fetch £130 on eBay.