Chilean Winers
This is Unreal.

To celebrate the rescue of the 33 Chilean Miners during the autumn of 2010, we created a very limited edition of 33 bottles of Chilean Wine. The bottles were given to clients and industry figures as an alternative Christmas gift, celebrating the good news story of the year.

Each of the minimalist, typographic bottles feature a miner's name and a story from their time below ground.

This is real.

The limited edition bottles received coverage across the globe, as far afield as the USA, France, Australia and of course Chile itself.

The project was featured on major design sites including FastCo Design, Creative Review and Design Week.

"It is an honour that they made these gifts"
"It's fabulous
and if only this wine were in production"

Trapped miners Dario Segovia, and Omar Reygadas, the 20th and 17th men to be rescued, give Chilean national newspaper El Lunn their seal of approval on the project.

"In my humble opinion, kidnapping such a story of suffering and bravery for self-promotion is in shockingly bad taste"

Sadly some readers of Design Week weren't so keen on the idea as it sparked controversy online. Bad taste? The bottles tasted pretty good actually.

The number of death threats received to the studio as a result of the project. We can't really see what all the fuss is about.