City of Copenhagen
This is Unreal.

Working for global engineers Arup and the City of Copenhagen, we designed the comprehensive catalogue outlining the city's recent developments in thinking and technology to create greener urban environments.

We created a dynamic, modular identity based on the classic Hoytt model of city development which was used to showcase imagery and statistics from the scheme, whilst remainging sensitive to the city brand itself.

This is real.


The catalogue was distributed to Mayors at the C40 Large Cities Climate Summit in São Paulo.

"Copenhagen provides a roadmap for other cities to follow in the journey to a low carbon future"

ARUP on the importance of the document for the future of urban development.

"Meeting up with mayors from all over the World – every one of us combating climate change with real-time solutions in our cities - is a real pleasure"

Frank Jensen, Mayor of Copenhagen at the C40 Summit.

An additional document for a Chinese audience was later produced and typeset, staying sensitive to the original design.