Dream Circus
This is Unreal.

After the success of The Electric Flamingo event in 2013, the Brewery asked us create the branded marketing materials for Christmas 2014. This year the venue will be transformed into the Dream Circus; a ficticious circus that vanished over 100 years ago. Reappearing for one season only, audiences should expect both the mysterious and the spellbinding from their visit.

A surreal look and feel was fitting, and was rolled out across advertising, microsite and an eclectic box of Dream Circus items, sent to ticket holders to set the scene before their arrival.

This is real.
"The strong branding and unique website has helped us to our strongest year yet with last year’s visitor numbers and revenue generated already exceeded and time still left to sell. This looks like it will be the first year in our history that we will be fully sold out, thanks to the unique and striking concept created by Unreal."

Simon Lockwood, Event Design & Marketing Manager, The Brewery

No elephants were harmed or sent into the stratosphere during the making of this project.

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Two Unreal employees were recruited to perform at the dream circus freakshow.