Everards Brewery
This is Unreal.

William Everard brewed the first pint of Everards ale in 1849. Skip along the historical timeline a bit more and we were brought in to reposition the brand.

We comprehesively evolved the identity, packaging, and advertising for this Leicestershire based family brewery. The core range of three ales were realigned, focussing on their 'local' roots, injecting warmth and humour into their communications.

This is real.



Sales of Everards original ale jumped 23%. Overall sales went up by 9%.

By aligning all three ales, brand recognition increased by a quarter.

Awarded 'Pub company of the year' by The Publican for two consecutive years following the rebrand.

"Unreal are a pleasure to work and drink with"

David Bremner, Head of Marketing, Everards