Irish Lotto Bet
This is Unreal.

We were tasked by Irish Lotto bet to create a TV advertising campaign to broaden awareness of their easy to place bet; Pay £1, pick three numbers, match three numbers,
win £576.

We developed four 30 second TV ads that showed the simplicity of the bet and various punters celebrating their win outside the bookies through the medium of dance!

This is real.


Not unlucky for Irish Lotto Bet, uptake rose by 13%.

"You might not know The Graveltones, but you may recognise their latest single.
The song features on the recent advert for Irish Lotto Bet. Search 'Happy Tony' or 'Happy Reg' for a brilliant robot!"

Silent Radio reviews the track created for the video, which went on to become a massive hit for The Graveltones.

One very angry resident on set in Bermondsy (click for more).