Hodder NIV Holy Bibles
This is Unreal.

Hodder and Staughton publish the world's most popular Bible, the NIV Bible. Our design across the entire range focuses on the key strength of of the Bibles: the words. So we brought the inside to the outside.

Each text is typographically unique, depending on the style of its contents, from traditional to contemporary. The range is held together through the prescence of the cross.

This is real.

Hodder & Staughton were
awarded a highly regarded 20
year publishing deal with the International Bible Society on the back of the new positioning.

They were also awarded the prestigious title of 'Christian Publisher of the Year'.

The designs were featured in the Communication Arts Annual for typography.

We'll have to wait until we get to the pearly gates to find out if we got approval from The Man Upstairs... Tough client.