The Nordic EIght
This is Unreal.

The Nordic Eight is a collective of countries working together to promote their 'green cities' to the rest of the world. We were tasked with designing their promotional brochure alongside developing a name and identity for the programme.

The structural 'N' marque brings together the eight Nordic countries, referencing the striking architectural landscape of their green cities. These bold angles and shapes dictate a visual language that runs throughout the document.

This is real.

Presented by the Mayor of Oslo at the UN Rio+20 Sustainability Summit in 2012. The catalogue was given out as a key resource for other cities across the world.

The number of extremely tempting Nordic holiday ads that have appeared in our web browsers since working on the project. Anyone up for some Northern Lights action?!

The project was rounded off with one fateful night in London's very own Nordic Bar (naturally).