Squid & Pear
This is Unreal.

Squid & Pear provide delicious sustainable food through their catering service and newly opened Chelsea cafe.

We were tasked with evolving their start-up logo into a fully fledged identity and branding programme to support the ever-growing business. The woodcut illustration reflects their traditional, hand crafted approach to food, accompanied by a rustic photographic and illustrative library.

This is real.
"Unreal were an utter pleasure to work with from start to finish and we look forward to many more projects together."

Lisa Drabble (A.K.A ‘Squid’)
Director of Squid & Pear


The new identity has come at a
time of rapid expansion for the
business, with owners Lisa and
Claire opening the Squid & Pear
Cafe in Chelsea, London.

"The design team were exceptionally good at un-jumbling the ideas in our heads and bringing them to life."

Lisa Drabble (A.K.A ‘Squid’)
Director of Squid & Pear